Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Any form use of this website is authorized by Spandan Society, and as a result the organization has set the following conditions forthwith

First and foremost, Spandan Society has the full volition and allowance to make changes to any or all of these terms and conditions in the case of which it shall be duly intimated for any visitor coming to this website. If the visitor should continue to use the site after getting intimated with the details, it shall automatically means that the visitor is compliant and also promised to adhere to them.

This site is only to be used under the full and complete observance of the law, and the principle shall mean that no infringement, restriction or inhibition shall be tolerated by any party involved to the other. Spandan Society shall not be not liable to be responsible for any possible kind of damage on this site, unless the law itself can provide a veritable evidence in a Court of Law.

Signing up on the website shall mean that the user has voluntarily provided all information, and they shall be automatically confidential unless the user says otherwise.

Spandan Society also does not provide any guarantee that any aspect of this website shall be error-free, or perfect at all times. However, if requested, co-operation from Spandan Society can be provided at any court of law.

Copyright Restrictions

Spandan Society strictly prohibits and restricts of any commercial use, or publication that is currently displayed upon this website.

For private use

Complete adherence to communicating all possible regards of utilization must be ensured and intimated. It would contain all the relevant copyright information as provided by Spandan Society.

Spandan Society does not take any responsibility for other websites, which can be accessed through this one.

Moreover, any information publicly posted for contact throughout the website shall be non-confidential in nature, and Spandan Society will not take any responsibility.

Core Values


Believing in and striving for equal opportunities for one and all


Maintaining due regards for the rights of every human and appreciating them for their abilities.


Adopting robust strategies to drive a sustainable change.


Committed to meet our goals and deliver excellence through hard work, integrity and perseverance.

Our Affiliates

Adv Anuj Saxena

Practice, LLB
Supreme Court of India

Dr Manu Gupta

Director, B.P.T, DMRDIT,MIAP Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

Dr Tushar Goel

Director, BDS, Dental Surgeon
Pitambar Dental Clinic

Dr Pravesh Chaudhary

Director, BDS Umesh Dental Hospital

Dr Shivani


Dr BP Tyagi

Director, MBBS , MS (ENT) Harsh ENT Hospital