Spandan Society addresses the dire need of skill development in India

Unemployment is the root cause of poverty. This brings other evils like malnutrition, illiteracy, poor healthcare, etc along with it. So, dealing with the root cause of poverty has the potential to destroy other problems clinging to it. Now let us explore the reason for such enormous rate of unemployment, especially in rural parts of the country.

Rural India, on account of illiteracy, is unfit for corporate employment. Thus, the second best option for them to earn a livelihood is by exploring their skills and enrolling for skill development sessions. However, when it comes to a taskforce of well-skilled citizens, India is very low on the ladder. Statistically, only 2.3% Indian citizens of India have received a formal and professional training for skill development. In comparison to India, UK has 68% skilled citizens, Germany has 75%, USA has 52%, and Japan and South Korea have whopping 80% and 96% professionally skilled citizens respectively.

The difference is incomparable which clearly reflects that skill development in India has to be ensured at utmost priority to budge the gap. In lieu of this, the Indian Government and many non-government organizations have come forward to help build a “skilled India”. Spandan Society is a key contributor in his sphere. The NGO organizes skill development camps in Indian villages to create an increasing army of skilled workers. This program is collectively aimed towards the following:-

  • Developing Skilled Citizens – The skill development program is conducted within village premises by through professionals. The villagers can opt for one or more of various skill development sessions. By doing this, one can effectively become a plumber, carpenter, mason, tailor, cook, data entry operator, electrician, etc.
  • Bridging the gap between rural and urban area – Improvement in the skill set of villagers will introduce them to better and higher-paying employment opportunities. This will make them self-sufficient and less dependent on others and thus play an important role in bridging the gap between rural and urban India.
  • Creating Employment - Spandan Society not only develops the required skill set but creates employment opportunities too. By maintaining tie-ups with different organizations, the skilled villagers are employed according to their capability and the level of requirement of the company.
  • Eradicating Poverty - An employed family member means better income, sufficient food for everyone and the fulfilment of their basic needs. This is the first and foremost step to eradicate poverty.
  • Improving villager’s quality of life - Money improves the quality of life and skill draws money! The whole cycle improves the living standards of a family and thus the whole village improves.
  • Women empowerment - The skill development plan is not just limited to the male members of the villages. Females are equally trained with the skills of their choice. Doing this gifts them with earning –power and makes them independent. Women empowerment thus culminates into an ecosystem in which the earning females refuse to bear domestic violence, dowry demands or female foeticide, thus curbing incidents of crime within the villages.
  • Healthy and well-nourished population - Money inflow brings good food and other signs of prosperity. This will promote balanced and well-nourished dietary patterns, eliminate nutrient deficiency and build a healthier India.

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