Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy

On this website, which is Spandan Society’s actual address on the internet, there are several refund and cancellation codes that one must adhere to. These are supposed to be done under the payment gateway, which when done so, shall include:

  • After a payment or donation is finished, no kind of refund or cancellation of the amount shall be allowed or ensured.
  • This includes any kind of refund, include cash, online transfers etc.
  • By default, if any amount of money is donated by an individual ‘in-kind’, then Spandan Society shall send them to the poorest of the poor.
  • This includes donating for developing the community, education and empowerment for the eventual audience, which Spandan may want to impress successfully.
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    Core Values


    Believing in and striving for equal opportunities for one and all


    Maintaining due regards for the rights of every human and appreciating them for their abilities.


    Adopting robust strategies to drive a sustainable change.


    Committed to meet our goals and deliver excellence through hard work, integrity and perseverance.

    Our Affiliates

    Adv Anuj Saxena

    Practice, LLB
    Supreme Court of India

    Dr Manu Gupta

    Director, B.P.T, DMRDIT,MIAP Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

    Dr Tushar Goel

    Director, BDS, Dental Surgeon
    Pitambar Dental Clinic

    Dr Pravesh Chaudhary

    Director, BDS Umesh Dental Hospital

    Dr Shivani


    Dr BP Tyagi

    Director, MBBS , MS (ENT) Harsh ENT Hospital