The real face of Healthcare in Rural India where every life struggles!

India is developing at a very fast pace, it is improving day by day in each and every sector. Healthcare sector being one of them has been gifted with highly skilled doctors, advanced machines and a full-fledged five star hotel treatment to the patients, But is everyone getting benefitted? Are the rurals and urbans being treated alike?
Well, the data tells a different story!
According to a recent study by United Nations, 75% of the total healthcare sector (including doctors and hospitals) is present in the urban areas of India and a mere 25% is settled in the villages.
On the contrary, only 28% of the Indian population lives in urban areas and the major 72% lives in villages. So, one can understand the imbalance it creates towards access to medical and healthcare facilities. The effect of scarcity of health care staff as well as equipments in our villages is uglier than we think:

  • According to a WHO report, 5 mothers die every hour in India due to delivery complications. These complications can be completely avoided if the delivery happens in a well-equipped hospital and not in the dark rooms of a house. The figure of maternal mortality is horrifying and needs immediate attention.
  • The Primary Healthcare Centres or PHCs available in villages lack staff and necessary equipments. About 39% of the PHC’s do not have lab technicians while 18% of them lack pharmacists. Not only this, 8% of them lack primary care staff such as doctors and nurses.

The above facts and many others indicate a dire need for developing decent healthcare facilities in the Indian villages. Spandan Society looks forward to make a difference The NGO organizes Mobile health camps to help these villagers get access to the medical care that they need and deserve. This mobile healthcare facility has spread its wings in more than 109 villages in India and is rapidly extending further. We collaborate with highly skilled doctors and reputed health clinics to deliver swift and able services to the people in need. These healthcare camps deliver:

  • Free of cost health check-up, blood tests and treatment by highly qualified doctors and primary care staff. The healthcare staff raises awareness about the hygiene factors to prevent the diseases. It also advises on newborn care and nutrition needs of pregnant and/or nursing mothers.
  • Various treatments are provided, right form ENT treatment, Dental treatment, Physiotherapy and Surgical Treatment.
  • Help in improving poor health and further prevention of diseases
  • Diagnosis of the diseases at an early stage will lead to a faster recovery of the patient
  • Communicable diseases can be prevented from spreading in the village
  • Debunk the health related myths and superstitions that villagers blindly follow since ages.

The villagers also have the right to get access to the latest medical healthcare facilities and they should not be refrained from it. Spandan Society is working towards the dream of creating disease-free villages where each person has the access to complete and advanced medical care, absolutely free of cost.