Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Spandan Society shall obtain information from visitors on the website in these following ways:

  • Making a donation
  • Becoming an affiliate
  • Signing-up to receive updates
  • We do not collect any personal information from visitors unless they voluntarily agree to provide it.

    In case, of just browsing through the website, Spandan Society shall collect only the basic information, namely date, time, place, as well as the name of the internet provider to be used for statistical reasons only.

    Signing up on the website shall mean that the user has voluntarily provided all information, and they shall be automatically confidential unless the user says otherwise.

    They are only used confidentially by responsible individuals in the organization who are themselves bound by the policy to never reveal them to third parties or advertising agencies.

    Payment Gateway

    Spandan Society utilizes a number of standardized and legitimately operated payment gateway products. The integration of SSL encryption ensures that nothing shall be revealed in transmission, and the data shall be protected at all times.

    This is but one of the ways Spandan Society ensures that essential financial information of their members, affiliates and partners are protected at all times.

    Cookie Policy

    Spandan Society uses cookies that are sent to the user’s browser storage. This shall entail easy and facilitating recognition and application of Spandan’s most effective services, functionalities and products.

    The user has full power to determine what would happen with cookies any way he/she may see fit.But, the website might not be partially or fully visible once user decides not accepting the cookie.

    Any changes to this policy shall only be done by Spandan Society itself, which shall then extend the information to everyone who is visiting the website.

    Core Values


    Believing in and striving for equal opportunities for one and all


    Maintaining due regards for the rights of every human and appreciating them for their abilities.


    Adopting robust strategies to drive a sustainable change.


    Committed to meet our goals and deliver excellence through hard work, integrity and perseverance.

    Our Affiliates

    Adv Anuj Saxena

    Practice, LLB
    Supreme Court of India

    Dr Manu Gupta

    Director, B.P.T, DMRDIT,MIAP Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

    Dr Tushar Goel

    Director, BDS, Dental Surgeon
    Pitambar Dental Clinic

    Dr Pravesh Chaudhary

    Director, BDS Umesh Dental Hospital

    Dr Shivani


    Dr BP Tyagi

    Director, MBBS , MS (ENT) Harsh ENT Hospital