Moral Education Classes

“As you sow, so shall you reap”, a very popular proverb indicates towards the importance of moral education amongst the children of today, who would soon blossom into the country’s future. The depleting moral values, rising incidents of crime and anti-social incidents, increase in disrespect towards the elderly, and diminishing empathy and helpfulness are reasons enough to introduce value education at grass root levels.

In view of this, Spandan Society’s Moral camps work towards the overall growth of a child. Through various out-of-the box teaching methods like seminars, group discussions, school trips, games, quiz and drama, the society aims to create a long-term impact on the children’s minds and hearts. The subjects include distraction management, life management, stress management, self control, self confidence, integrity, patience, honesty, empathy, etc. to enrich student’s values, personality, social responsibility, academics, health and spirituality. Orientation Programs for teachers and parents are also organized to include and cultivate them for the big change.

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Moral Education Classes

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Play Enactment

Emotional drama prepared and conducted by children from different schools with the idea to promote the virtue of harmony and co-existence.

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