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70% of the Indian population which lives in villagers lack awareness of their legal rights. Despite being in the 8th decade of independence, more than half of India is still oblivious to the rule of laws laid down under their democracy. Their inability towards resolving simple legal matters on their own often make them vulnerable in the hands of the educated and powerful, leading to unfavourable results. Thus, the need of the hour is to create awareness towards the basic constitutional and legal rights and empower the villagers to appropriately demand their legal rights and address their legal battles.

Spandan Society, in collaboration with eminent advocates and law agencies of India, is thus resolved to help our villagers through appropriate legal advice rendered through periodic legal camps. The camps aim at spreading basic awareness on topics such as legal right to girl education, how to file an FIR, what can one do if the authorities refuse to file an FIR, rules and rights related to imprisonment, how can one approach an NGO to fight their rights, and much more. The camps also facilitates the villagers with free of cost legal consultations, advocacy for ongoing court case and help them arrive at out of court settlements through mutual consent.

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Legal Awareness Camp

A legal awareness and advice camp in affiliation with Supreme Court Advocate Dr. Anuj Saxena held in Bajheda Khurd Village in Hapur District on 16th May 2018.

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