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#BreakingTheHungerLockdown Together

Eversince the spread of Corona pandemic & subsequent lockdown in our country, the lives of people, especially from the margins, have become all the more vulnerable. One such group, that Spandan - A Voice Of Effort NGO has been working with, is the community of Waste-warriors (commonly known as Rag-pickers) who are primarily daily wage-earning migrant workers. It is so disheartening to see sufferings of these daily wage earners (migrant labourers) as Lockdown means No work , and No work means No food! So, in order to address this situation, Spandan - A Voice Of Effort NGO has started a campaign named #BreakingTheHungerLockdownTogether, because one can be locked down but hunger can’t be!

Seeking Support for Rag-pickers families from Bhopura Slums and Ghazipur Slums

Key Features Of Our Campaign

Given the situation that has emerged due to the Corona crisis and lockdown, Spandan NGO has started a COVID Relief campaign named “Breaking the Hunger Lockdown Together” to address the food & Ration requirements of Rag-pickers families from Bhopura slums. So far, 12 food distribution drives have been done by Spandan NGO in collaboration with Roti Bank Foundation in which 2025 cooked meal packets have been distributed. Whereas with the support of Zomato (Feeding India Initaitive) and LENS Foundation , 4 ration distribution drives have been done and 200 ration kits have been distributed to 2225 beneficiaries (Daily wage workers from Bhopura Slums and near by areas of Gaziabaad, UP).

Our Supporting Partners

Impact of campaign

  • At the time of Corona Pandemic & lockdown, when daily wage workers (Including Rag - Pickers from Bhopura Slums) were not having any work and there is no food or ration, so the 2025 cooked meal packets distributed and 200 Ration Kits (Around 3800 Kgs) distributed by Spandan NGO proved to be, though little, but timely support for these needy families of 2225 Daily Wage Workers (Including Rag - Pickers from Bhopura Slums).
  • This program is supported by individual donors as well as macro NGOs.
  • Total 1940 cooked meals packets have been distributed among daily wage worker (Rag - Pickers) from Bhopura Slums UP
  • Even 85 packets of cooked meal packets were distributed to the migrant workers Near Hindon Air Force (Wazirabad Road Ghaziabad).

What The Future Holds

We want to give a life of fulfillment and satisfaction to as many migrant workers as we can. We want to work for the people who are left unseen and unheard by a major portion of the society. We pledge to give those people the life that they deserve. In order to give them a healthy future we have made a roadmap. Since, the coming year is going to be full of challenges as well as opportunities, given the pandemic of Covid-19, so we are definitely looking forward to

  • Constructive engagements with like-minded individuals and institutions who can help & support our programs.
  • Expansion of our volunteer/intern cadre.
  • Working on COVID relief activities, (Primary Focus on Food distribution & health care program.)
  • Optimum use of Social Media platforms to run Campaigns for gathering support for our beneficiaries.

Call For Support

Under our COVID-19 relief activities, Spandan - A Voice Of Effort NGO (along with its partners) has provided support to families of migrant workers living at BHOPURA SLUMS (UP). But ever since the lockdown period has extended, we have been getting calls from needy people from other marginalised areas too. One such area is GHAZIPUR SLUMS (Near Ghazipur Landfill Area, East Delhi) which is also inhabited by Migrant workers (Mainly Rag-pickers).

In case you wish to contribute, Then kindly contact -

Mr. Vineet (Operation Manager, 9250022583)

Ms. Renu (Program Manager, 9958331518)

Mr. Sudesh (Assistant Manager, 9540291772)

Call For Support

Bhopura Slums and Ghazipur Slums Consist of approximately 900 families in total; (i.e. 450 families each; Total population of around 1500 each) So, on behalf of these migrant workers, Spandan NGO would like to seek support from stakeholders, so that Lockdown does not turn out to be a Hunger Lockdown for these migrant workers.

Our Front Line Warriors

Mr. Dharmendra Paswan

Community Leader (Bhopura Slums, UP)

Mr. Sudesh Kumar

Assistant Manager (Spandan NGO)

Mr. Rabindra Singh

Volunteer (Spandan NGO)

Mr. Rupesh Kumar

Volunteer (Spandan NGO)

Looking forward to your support in this fight against Covid-19 & #BreakingTheHungerLockdownTogether.

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