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Healthcare in rural India has been a cause of concern ever since. Though the health centres have risen considerably over the last few years, the facilities still fall short for the whopping population that lives in our villages. Other factors like lack of awareness and monetary constraints contribute equally to the depriving healthcare conditions. The need of the hour is to essentially create an ecosystem that can meet the rising healthcare demands of the Indian masses as well as educate them about the underlying causes of poor health and diseases.

Spandan Society, committed to improve healthcare arrangements in rural India, has initiated mobile healthcare camps at places where it is most required. The camps provide a list of comprehensive medical solutions under a single roof including ENT treatment, Dental treatment, Physiotherapy, Surgical Treatments, and much more. In collaboration with the most reputed doctors and health clinics of India, these camps provide right diagnosis followed by health-test facilities and best-fit treatment absolutely free of cost. Enabling easy access to trusted medical aid, we aspire to create disease-free villages and improve the quality of life of its residents.

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Health Camps

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ENT Camp

Free of cost ENT Camp set-up on the evening of 23rd April 2018 in affiliation with trusted specialist Dr. B.P Tyagi.

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