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India is amidst a serious hunger situation as most of the people who belong to the lower-income class in rural parts are deprived of nutritious food. It is also estimated to have the highest percentage of children suffering from malnutrition, as per the World Bank. About 3 million children in India under the age of 5 die every year due to under nutrition as per a UNICEF research.

With the aim to help the marginalized society combat the perils of malnutrition, Spandan Society works towards providing nutritious food and create healthy dietary patterns through its food distribution camps. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are included in our food preparation keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of the beneficiaries. Seasonal beverages that can help in curbing incidences of dehydration amongst villagers are also included in the food distribution drive. The society looks forward to feed an ever-rising number of deprived people and spread acute awareness related to malnourishment and its ill-effects.

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Nutritional Food Camp

10,000 packets of food distributed in a village near Ghaziabad to cater to the nutritional deficiency amongst the villagers

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