Villages + Bhojpura Slum Covered

Food Distribution Drives

Cooked Meals Distributed

Breaking The Hunger Lockdown Together

Under our “Meal For Health” programme, we conduct regular food drives in the slums of Bhojpura. In the wake of COVID 19 pandemic, we have upgraded this programme as “Breaking The Hunger Lockdown Together” because our poor can’t afford the brunt of social distancing. Their hand-to-mouth incomes are gone and if we don’t help them now, it will be a hunger disaster for them. Right now under this programme, we are covering 3+ villages and Bhojpura Slums. To achieve this noble cause we have collaborated with individual donors at large and are planning to collaborate with ‘Roti Bank Foundation’ and Zomato.

The key features & activities done so far follows

  • 5 food distribution drives conducted in 3 villages & Bhojpura slums of U.P, benefitting around 1000 people. Totally free of cost distribution.
  • Given the situation that has emerged due to the Corona crisis and lockdown, Spandan NGO has started a Covid Relief campaign named “Breaking the Hunger Lockdown Together” to address the food & Ration requirements of Rag-pickers families from Bhopura slums. So far, 3 food distribution drives have been done in collaboration with Roti Bank Foundation. 800 cooked meal packets have been distributed.

Groundbreaking Impact of Program

  • It has helped in providing nutritional support to the community.
  • Food distribution at villages in U.P has improved the Community participation and engagement with the various programs & staff of Spandan NGO. It has also helped in building rapport with them.
  • Food distribution at Spandan Learning centre near Bhopura Slums has proved to be helpful in motivating the children of Rag-pickers to get enrolled & attend the classes more regularly.
  • At the time of Corona Pandemic & lockdown, when daily wage workers like Rag-pickers (Bhopura Slums) are not having any work and there is no food or ration, so the cooked meal packets distributed by Spandan NGO proved to be, though little, but a timely support for these families.
  • This program is supported by individual donors as well as macro NGOs.

What The Future Holds

In future, we are planning to collaborate with Zomato (Feeding India Initiative), LENS Foundation, along with Roti Bank Foundation & other stakeholders who can support us in our “Meal For Health” Initiative as well as Covid relief Campaign of “Breaking The Hunger Lockdown Together”. Since, the next year is going to be full of challenges as well as opportunities, given the pandemic of Covid-19, so we are definitely looking forward to

  • Constructive engagements with like-minded individuals and institutions who can help & support our programs.
  • Expansion of our volunteer/intern cadre.
  • Working on Covid relief activities, along with our usual programs.
  • Primary Focus on Food distribution & health care program.
  • Optimum use of Social Media platforms to run Campaigns for gathering support for our beneficiaries.
  • Exploring the prospects of online teaching mode & dealing with its limitations for making it more useful & just for our beneficiaries.