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Spandan Society is focussed towards providing holistic support and development opportunities to the rural and underprivileged communities of India, benefits countless many through its multi-dimensional programs. Inspired by the thought of developing an ecosystem where rural Indians can enjoy their basic right to hygienic food, reliable healthcare, quality value education, apt legal advice and equitable opportunities to earn a livelihood and live a dignified life; our programs strive to support those in need and build a self-sustainable society. Headquartered in New Delhi, we look forward to empower the marginalized community living in our villages and create a beautiful difference to their lives.

Our Mission

To uplift the marginalized section of rural India and bring a positive change in their lives through Skill development and creation of sustainable opportunities, Raising awareness about legal rights and entitlement, Providing low-priced accommodation to aspiring students, Addressing health concerns and improving healthcare, Supplying nutritious food to poor and needy and Disseminating moral value at grass root levels.

Our Vision

To develop an eco-system for sustainable growth and development of the rural masses and to reduce disparity between the privileged and the underprivileged by sensitizing the nation and driving the change

Core Values


Believing in and striving for equal opportunities for one and all


Maintaining due regards for the rights of every human and appreciating them for their abilities.


Adopting robust strategies to drive a sustainable change.


Committed to meet our goals and deliver excellence through hard work, integrity and perseverance.

Our Affiliates

Adv Anuj Saxena

Practice, LLB
Supreme Court of India

Dr Manu Gupta

Director, B.P.T, DMRDIT,MIAP Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

Dr Tushar Goel

Director, BDS, Dental Surgeon
Pitambar Dental Clinic

Dr Pravesh Chaudhary

Director, BDS Umesh Dental Hospital

Dr Shivani


Dr BP Tyagi

Director, MBBS , MS (ENT) Harsh ENT Hospital